Part E Acoustic Consultancy & Testing

Acoustic Consultants and Noise Assessment Services

We provide noise assessment services including measurement, advice and design in the field of acoustics and noise control, working with a wide range of clients including Architects, Developers, Contractors, Local Authorities and Industry.

We offer expertise and experience to collaborate directly with other design team members, particularly on new build or refurbished developments from design through to construction and final completion, commissioning and testing.

Testing and Assessment Services

We provide accredited Part E Building Regulations sound insulation tests via the ANC registration scheme.

Part E of the Building Regulations was introduced in 2003 and included a requirement to carry out pre completion sound testing to various buildings. The reason for testing is so that properties are adequately protected against noise from neighbours or the external surroundings. Flanking issues can be the main cause for concern where sound can reverberate through and under the walls or floors.

For the purpose of testing, a selection of tests are carried out on various construction types of party wall and floor (where applicable) including airborne and impact sound testing. Airborne tests are carried out between the walls and floors, impact testing is carried out on floors, where there are dwellings with habitable rooms below.

If a development is subject to the requirements of Code for Sustainable Homes or a BREEAM assessment, credits are awarded for achieving higher standards of sound insulation than those given in Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Typically this may include bettering Part E of the Building Regs by at least +3-5dB. Other standards such as BB93 apply to Educational facilities and HTM 08-01 for Health Care facilities.

Planning and Design Issues

Guidance and Advice

We provide guidance to developers to support new or refurbishment proposals, working with design teams’ incl. Contractors, Architects, Structural/Civil Engineers, M&E Consultants, Developers and End Clients to provide guidance and advice on the acoustic requirements.

Environmental Noise Impact Assessments

We provide planning permission applications for noise sensitive developments. ATUK undertake detailed Environmental Noise Assessments and Surveys and report on the extent of necessary sound insulation measures from the early planning stages. We follow guidelines contained in BS 8233:2014 for noise break-in calculations to assess the level of acoustic protection required for future residents.


Control of reverberant sound is a critical concern in a wide variety of building designs. ATUK provides a review of surface finishes and acoustic treatments to meet building regulations and to optimise space performance. We undertake analysis to minimise the effect of background noise; which is of particular concern in classrooms, lecture theatres, music centres and other acoustically sensitive environments.

Building Services Equipment

We provide comprehensive guidance in controlling noise from building services equipment such as , air-con and ventilation systems, water, heating and sanitary services, lifts, escalators and electrical distribution. Services noise can be minimised through acoustic design e.g. duct / pipe enclosure, air flow attenuation etc. We work with design teams from early concept through to design and construction stages of a project.

BREEAM & Code Acoustic Assessments

We offer BREEAM and Code compliant acoustic guidance and noise assessments to meet all the relevant standards. This compliments our sister company Energy Council who offer the BREEAM/ Code assessment and other Energy/ Sustainability services.

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