Infra-red Thermographic Imaging

Infra-Red (IR) Thermographic Imaging is the ability to see differences in temperature not possible to see by the naked eye. There are very many applications of IR technology ranging from:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Building inspection
  • Research and Development
  • Process Optimisation
  • Medicine
  • Automation

In all these applications a specialist camera is used to detect where there is a temperature difference.

ATUK typically focusses on the predictive maintenance and building inspection areas, and coupled with our sister company Energy Council which undertakes energy and sustainability work, we find the IR Thermography a very useful tool to assist with Building Inspection or Predictive Maintenance issues and performance.

Building Inspection

Building thermography is one of the most demanding applications for infrared camera systems. Thermography greatly helps detecting energy losses from a building. We use high thermal resolutions to ensure valid and meaningful analyses of a building and coupled with our knowledge of construction and energy analysis we are able to assess and provide guidance and advice on a range of issues.

The IR camera can be used in conjunction with the air testing equipment so when the fan is running, it can help to highlight any leakage areas present. By identifying these areas, action can be taken to improve the heat loss and help to reduce heating bills and improve the comfort for occupants.

We undertake building inspections for the air leakage and IR thermography level 2 BREEAM assessment criteria.

Predictive Maintenance

Inspections with IR camera systems support you to prevent production shut downs, to improve product quality and to save energy. A typical example may be:

Inspection of photovoltaic installations

Take advantage of thermography in order to visualise defects on existing and running photovoltaic installations. The examination of a Photovoltaic panel array will show any deviation from the typical signature temperature patterns and panels can be replaced before they ‘fail’.

Inspections of electrical installations

Search electrical installations or high-voltage nets with infrared camera systems for dangerous hotspots, identifying where a failure has occurred or about to occur.

Thermography of mechanical components

Thermography reveals irregularities in heating of mechanical components in time.

Air Testing UK work with clients to analyse and provide a full report outlining all findings. Our services include ICT level 1, 2 and 3 thermography.

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